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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hosepipe ban ..

Well today it was announced that there would be a hosepipe ban in the North West of England commencing from Friday 6 a.m.- so no watering the allotment or lawns.

It has been a dry year in what is normally a wet region and we seem to rely on a lot of our water supply from lakes and rivers which of course are now drying up.

I am not convinced that watering veg and flowers with a hose actually provides enough water - I'm of the opinion that a good watering with a bucket or watering can once a week is a better option.

Being a lazy gardener I never water the lawn - it only encourages the grass to grow and extra mowing !!

At the allotment, I'm digging a small trench with high sides around the fruit bushes so that water will drain directly to the roots and not be wasted - this is something they tend to do in Spain.

If we do have a dry summer then I can not see the ban being lifted for some time AND if we do end up with stand pipes we'll be away to Spain until the situation is resolved.I can imagine nothing worse than having to rely on standpipes - Ugh ...



Shayla said...

I think the thing that would annoy me is that you have to endue a lot of wet weather at times but because a lot of your water goes south you have to suffer a hosepipe ban, it doesn't seem very fair somehow. I guess there will still be plenty of veg in the supermarkets for us to eat while ours shrivels up and die on the allotments - so much for encouraging healthy eating hey. Well the good thing might be that you get an extra holiday in Spain and we will get to see more of your lovely pics.

Green Jeannie said...

I am old enough to remember the summer of 76, and the standpipe scenario, I hope it doesn't come to this!

I don't have a hose, so my watering is done by watering cans, I never realised just how heavy a full watering can is - when you have to carry two of them - quite a way from the water tanks.

The trenches are an excellent idea!

Green Jeannie

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