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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ABC Wednesday - B

B is for Bury in Lancashire ..... famous for it's market, black puddings and Sir Robert Peel.

Hope you enjoyed this photo trip around the centre of Bury !!!

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Sylvia K said...

Fun, interesting post for the B Day! Great photos! Hope your week is going well!

ABC Team

Jedediah said...

Lovely photos, especially the last one.
By the way, I just spend way too much time feeding the hamster. That's so adorable.

Andy said...

Count me in as one that enjoyed the tour. You have some great photos. Keep on clicking.

photowannabe said...

A very lovely charming city. I really like the flower carts overflowing with blossoms.

Nanka said...

Loved the last one the Best, Beautiful Blooms Behind the Benches

Roger Owen Green said...

Nice. I didn't know it was a town, and thought you were going to get all funereal.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: said...

Beautiful, for sure! Thanks for showing Bury!

Eryl said...

I used to have neighbours who'd dash off early in the morning about once a month just to go to Bury market. It must be good, because it's quite a treck from SW Scotland. Your pictures make it look very pretty too.

Cheryl said...

I do love old chimneys. You captured some beauties in that second shot.

ABC Team

Vicki said...

Very nice pictures! Thanks for a peek at "your world".

Winchester Daily Photos said...

Have never been to Bury, look like a pleasant place!

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