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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Manchester - The hidden part

For most people the face of Manchester city centre is one of bright lights, shops shops and more shops , bars, cafes and museums but it also has a quieter side to it .

Hidden from most eyes are the canals and rivers  that run behind the shops and bars. Here the Rochdale Canal winds its way through the city centre.

The tow paths can actually provide a quicker route across the city centre than the  roads with all their traffic, hustle and  bustle.

Not somewhere to wonder late at night though ..



Liz said...

Hasn't part of it been tarted up now with bars and cafes?


are they still in use?

Petrus said...

These canals were re-opened a few years ago - in fact I saw a longboat passing through today. I do not think there is much traffic though ..

Where the canal passes the "gay village" there is a street alongside it which is full of bars and pubs and in the canal "basin" where it joins the Bridgewater canal there is a leisure area of bars and restaurants.

That part is a tourist attraction but for the most part as in the pictures they tend to be lonely places.


thanks for the info

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

That does look like it may not be the safest place to find yourself walking at night! Very interesting photos.

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