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Saturday, 21 June 2008

ABC Wednesday - W for Windfarm

W is for Wind Farm ............

Scout Moor Wind Farm between Rawtenstall and Rochdale high up on wild moorland consists of 26 turbines that will provide enough energy for 40,000 homes.

Soon to come into operation - for more information see - lots of pictures on the web site of turbines and the construction for those of you with a technical bent.

The construction of the Wind Farm was not without its critics and a hard fought campaign tried to stop the building helped by Professor David Bellamy the well known botanist of TV fame. It was claimed that the wild area with its special plants and birds would be destroyed . We'll soon see ...

The turbines can be seen high on the skyline for many miles around - and a certainly an unusual sight !!


Anonymous said...

Very very good W:s!! The green ones looks like they we have here in my country and the rules are same!

Sara said...

We have something similar here in Southern California near Palm Springs. An interesting sight from the freeway!

Kjerstis Hjørne said...

Very nice w-choice, and great photos.

Hyde DP said...

Yes we can see these from our bedroom window on the slopes of Werneth Low. I think the distance is about 25 miles.

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