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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

ABC Wednesday - C

ABC Wednesday

C is for cow ........

Not real live ones - but fine art !!!

A white one ..

A pink one ..

Here in Madrid on our visit last year ..



Leo said...

cow art? never seen it before :) lovely photos.. thanks for sharing..!

Gramma Ann said...

OH! I love your Cow theme today. Very Clever and Creative, Rambler. Great Choice for "C" today.

rache said...

wow cute... that's almost like the one I saw when I went to Guam. :)


photowannabe said...

Love the cows. A few years ago they were doing the same thing in New York. There is some really great art work.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sight. Have to admit, that it has been nearly half a year since last i saw one on meown. Please have a good Wednesday.

daily athens

Sylvia K said...

Those are terrific! And I love the colors! What a fun post/photos for the C Day! Hope your week is going well!


Roger Owen Green said...

some US city had some cow art a few years ago; fascinating

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Cheryl said...

Great cows and really neat choice for today.

Wanda said...

I wonder if they give rainbow milk??

Very clever cows.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Cool cows. Reminds me a bit of the recent London elephant series.

Tumblewords: said...

How interesting! Painted moose hang about here! Fun art, for sure!

Anna said...

'Cow' is a good C-word! Even 'Art-cows'!
Fun post.
Best wishes,
Anna's C-word

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