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Friday, 23 April 2010

England's Day

April 23rd is England's national day and we all remember when St. George killed the dragon and I assume saved a damsel in distress.

Manchester Council has kindly agreed to allow the flag of St. George to be flown on the Town Hall - hurrah !!!

There will be a parade on Sunday - not through the city centre but in Miles Plating - where may you ask ??

Our very own great playwright William Shakespeare was born the day 1564 and died on the very same day 1616.



ADRIAN said...

One wouldn't think they would have to agree to it.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Oh I thought the parade was going through Manchester, obviously not! Happy St. George's Day:) Check out

Anonymous said...

The council didn't give permission to fly the flag - it wanted to itself.

The parade did go through the city centre, as it has done for several years now.

I take it you're not from Manchester lol

Petrus said...


Well I did do a Google search for the event and could find very little on the official sites - most info referring to past years and nothing applicable to 2010.

In future I'll have to improve my Google skills ...

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